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Residential Home Inspections

Basic Inspection

R Grounds                                                        Driveway, Sidewalks, Porch, Deck, Fences
R Exterior                                                           Walls, Trim, Chimney, Sprinklers, Gutters
R Foundation                                                Grad, Slab-on-Grade, Craw Space, Basement
R Roof                                                                    Roof Style, Roof Covering, Flashings
R Plumbing                                                      Pipes, Fuel Lines, Water Heaters
R Heating & Cooling                             Heat Unit, Air Unit, Filter
R Electrical                                                       Electrical Panels, GFCI's, Switches, Doorbell
R Interior                                                             Windows, Fireplaces, Smoke Detectors, Etc.
R Garage (up to 1)                                                Floor, Walls, Doors, Door Openers, Electrical
R Kitchen                                                            Sink, Counters, Cabinets, Installed Appliances
R Bathroom(s) (up to 4)                                   Toilet, Sink, Bathtub, Shower, Vent/Heat
R 3 Ring Report Binder                      Each section has its own tabbed divider
R Digital DVD Photo's                          Showing problem areas. They can be printed
                                                                                                     from your home computer or viewed on your
                                                                                                     TV using a DVD player.

R NACHI Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

R "How To Operate Your Home"  booklet by: Tom Feiza  "Mr. Fix-It"